Overheard/Easter Eggsplosion


(Driving past a man waving at cars and holding up a large crucifix on the corner of Route 1 and Popkins Lane this morning.)

Steve: Della, wave at the man.

Della: Who is that?

Me: It’s a guy who really likes Jesus.

Della: IS THAT GOD?!?

Other News

Confetti eggs were a big “hit” this year. Some of the hollowed out egg shells were not as fragile as expected, and so some of us adults had to be hit over the head many, many times before celebratory breakage was achieved.



Grandma: Della, come here, I want to tell you a secret.


Della: Okay.

Grandma: (SMASH)

Della: Okay but what was the secret?



IMG_2839IMG_2409IMG_2410FullSizeRender (13)FullSizeRender (12)

Almost lost George in these luxuriant grasses.


This is my new baby, Nell.


Here’s George saying, “Hi, Baby Nelly!”IMG_2477

Thank you, Linda!!! We love you SOOOO much. And Grandad, too. He is also very lovable. IMG_2472

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