Shell We Bounce

I would like to dedicate this blog post to a place called Shell We Bounce in Rehoboth, Delaware, for giving us “the best day of our lives,” in the words of Steve. This place is huge, has tons of bounce houses, bounce slides, bounce jungles, bounce obstacle courses, and little red bounce horses. Here we are in the very laid back and accidentally beautiful lobby eating popcorn after an hour of bounce. 

We are away for the weekend while our house stays very clean for the people who might want to stop by and see it and buy it. Would you like to buy our house? We are moving to Utah in search of spiritual renewal such as was recently achieved by these Vice writers. 

For now, we are very much enjoying our rainy weekend in Delaware at Butch’s Beach Cottage, thanks to the kindness of Aunt Jane Prugh.   

Here Della has thoughtfully integrated her princess toys into the beach-themed decor. 
The only scary part so far was this guy. Della was totally scared of him.   

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