First Days

Della: Bappa, are you a farmer?

Mike: I’m a yard farmer.


This is the morning we visited a donkey.



This is when we pushed rocks through a drain pipe into the river for a very long time. IMG_7101IMG_7096

It’s casual enough that I don’t feel the need to crop out my finger here.


The weather is not especially warm, but George is nevertheless mostly naked most of the time.


I haven’t been here in springtime since the turn of the century. 



We went to Ari and Eric and Rory’s house and ate pizza and mixed grill, and the mixed grill was beef, lamb, caribou, and bear. So many meats that when Della was ready to try a bite, she said, “Which one did you say was the monkey meat?”


Another time, Della said remember when Nanny Rosie made frozen hearts for Annie and me?


Nanny Rosie had like 25 pairs of reading glasses. 


This looks like a bedtime story but it’s actually first thing in the morning.


We have already been visited by the fire department. High winds last night brought down trees and telephone poles, and there is a power line down across our driveway, so we are trapped! Which is fine because we like it here.


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