The Troll and the Snow Tiger

The kids had been worrying about trolls under the bridge over the (currently dry) ditch. We kept telling them there were no trolls. A ball rolled into the ditch, right next to the bridge, and we told the kids to go get it. George said no way Posé, which is his way of saying no way José. Della said she would be brave and do it. She got almost all the way down the side of the ditch and then scurried back up saying, no thanks; there’s something soft under there. I said, look, I’ll prove to you there’s nothing under that bridge. So I went to grab the ball and saw … a dead cat!

IMG_3239 copy

This provoked much thought and discussion. Della said the cat was a snow tiger that had died in the snow. George all day long was asking about the “old kitty,” where it was, could we go see it, even though he had seen Bappa Mike dig a whole and bury it not far from the bridge.


In other news, I love all these tulips.

IMG_3265 copyIMG_3261 copy

It’s the beginning of spring all over again.

IMG_3267 copy

Bappa Mike mowed a path to a secret garden, AND we are reading the Secret Garden (abridged).

IMG_3250 copy

Bappa Mike has been doing a LOT of chainsawing. 

IMG_3243 copy

Tonight at Lizzie’s house, under Bappa’s supervision, they ate strawberries and got muddy.

IMG_3268IMG_3269 copy

Snowbasin at distant left, our mailbox at center. 


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