I have a backlog of things to show/tell you about because the Internet here is either very slow or else I am doing it wrong. For some reason tonight it works fine. Maybe everyone is out camping instead of streaming movies?

Last night, band practice.

DSC_0194DSC_0200 copyDSC_0203 copy

Tonight, an actual gig. I told Della we were going to a restaurant to watch Bappa play guitar. She said, can I bring my microphone and sing?


These pre-dinner photos are meant to capture their intent listening, if not their extreme enthusiasm, which they expressed later through art and dance. Della drew a picture for Bappa and left it in the tip jar. George had to be contained after excessive spinning, laughing, and dress pulling. IMG_3403IMG_3404

A nice little picnic.

IMG_3375 copy

Devolved into this:IMG_3382 copy


IMG_3340IMG_3337 copy

I held Liz’s chicken at bookclub.

IMG_3312 copy

This is the toy animal section at 5-acre country-boy store Smith and Edwards.

IMG_3329 copy

Yesterday I made a rule about how I will only hang out in the camper with the kids once a day, and already today I broke that rule. 

IMG_3346 copy

We got these solid chocolate statues from Weber State and the kids liked them tremendously.


Aerial view of story time.

IMG_3343 copy

This is Bappa Mike.

20160506_142741 copy

This is Uncle Paul. It was really nice to have him here except for his excessive drinking. Actually, we found several cases of beer in deep storage and it was Paul’s job to empty them into the ditch. He claimed.


He and George also claimed there were baby birds in this nest in the white barn cupboard. 



A well-loved puddle. Also, a large rock.


Please leave us alone.


At some point we will need to start exposing him to boy things.


IMG_3219 copy

Paul suggested that I create more of a routine for them, like maybe involving exercise time and play-by-yourself time. 


And last but not least, Kitty Bobby.


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