New Songs/Long Walks

I went for a walk this morning, and when I got back this is how I found them. They said they were playing Variety Store, and George was called Georgie Jumping Bean.


Here are some agricultural images from my walk.

IMG_3550 copyIMG_3542 copyIMG_3528 copy

Della has some new songs: “I Love My New Life” and “Cooking on the Trail.”


And some new stories. The one on the left is George’s.


Nanny June and Uncle Don visit regularly. Here Nanny tells the children about the Heber Creeper, which is a vintage train in Heber City that gets robbed all the time and serves lunch.

IMG_3500 copy

George believes this walker is designed expressly for giving him rides.

IMG_3494 copy

We build cup castles and knock them down. Cups are everywhere, all the time.


The kids love Bappa.


But most of all, his leaf blower.


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