On my long, luxurious walk today whilst the children were in school, I stopped by Jimmy Z’s house.

DSC_0501 copy

He showed me his racing pigeons. This one’s a baby.

DSC_0303 copy

They can fly from Idaho Falls in a few hours.


He doesn’t race them anymore, but when he did, he had to sit outside in his yard and wait and wait and wait looking at the sky for hours.

DSC_0326 copy

He says they have magnets in their brains, and their True North is really True H (for Home).

DSC_0359 copy



DSC_0421 copyDSC_0422 copyDSC_0458 copy

When they swoop over you, you can hear their wings whoosh, and it feels like you’re flying with them.

DSC_0443 copy


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