Ditch Day!

Ditch day comes but once in awhile. 

DSC_0538 copyDSC_0560 copyDSC_0523 copy

Here Della performs a simple magic trick. Abracadabra…

DSC_0580 copy

Hands muddy…DSC_0591 copy

Hands relatively clean!DSC_0611 copy

Plugged up at the culvert. 


Other ditch day festivities.

DSC_0626 copyDSC_0608 copy

4 thoughts on “Ditch Day!

  1. Just checking in. Looks like life is treating all of you quite well. A beautiful childhood is being had out there!
    Gotta ask though, is Utah like Ireland–no worry about snakes? I just read about someone in Asheville who woke up with a copperhead in her bedroom, so they’ve been, uh, preying on my mind a bit(e)…

  2. Gah! I know blacksnakes are harmless, but how on earth did it get into your house!?!?
    Actually, I was thinking more darkly, of snakes in the ditch, the kind that, uh, bite, nastily?

    How’re things going? It looks GORGEOUS out there!

    • The snake I guess got into the crawl space and then crawled up the wall and into the room through an unfinished eave.

      As to your other question, we love it here. The change of lifestyle has not disappointed. Tough transition for the kids at their new school, naturally. But yes, it’s beautiful, and it feels so good to be here.

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