Flashing back to almost two weeks ago, our friend Chris arrived in Huntsville with a sleigh full of Steve and Trader Joe’s snacks, too.

2016-05-26 20.39.43 HDR

It was really nice of Chris to endure the 3.5-day, 12-state journey. Most excitingly, the lug nuts on one tire proved not to have been properly secured! Chris and Steve were unknowingly down to a single nut when they pulled off the Interstate in Iowa. Myers Automotive in Orion, Illinois, not only solved their lugnut problem but also ferried them to and from the bar while they waited and supplied complimentary, branded beer koozies (pronounced “cozies” out here, by the way). Steve says, “You can’t forget Kenny from Sam’s Towing.” So, Kenny: we remember you.2016-05-26 20.40.21 HDR

As one does, we walked the property shortly after our guest arrived. Here is a picture from that walk that is a lot like another, older picture.

2016-05-26 20.34.14


Also during Chris’s visit, we activated the slack line. 

2016-05-27 17.44.19

Now this is pretty much all I do. I’m really excellent and can do flips over mountain lakes and stuff.2016-05-27 18.15.44 HDR

Continuing on with our Chrismassy theme, it’s been snowing a lot!

DSC_0705 copyDSC_0701 copy

Actually, this is cotton from the cottonwood trees. Yesterday it was downright blizzardy!

DSC_0790 copy

And finally, not Chrismassy at all: Bappa explains to George that he severed his forearm in an accident involving the garden closet door.

DSC_0681 crop

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