Brexit Haircut

Della cut her and George’s hair, and I know this is a pretty typical thing to have happen in childhood; I don’t know how other parents cope – I personally had to develop a new personality that is still unconditionally compassionate toward these children. This new personality has a marginally Irish accent and is based on Annie’s North Irish hairstylist Tracy, perhaps because Annie and Co. are currently in N. Ireland, and because this issue relates to hair, and probably also of course because the Brexit is on everyone’s minds.


You maybe can’t see it here, but the haircuts were fairly substantial, with an asymmetry that is at the very least consistent from kid to kid.

Me to Steve: She told me, “That was just our little shady spot, and I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I just wanted George to get a gummy bear.” Because she told George if he let her cut his hair, she would give him a gummy bear.

Della: And me. I wanted a gummy bear, too.


Steve: I wonder if the original idea of hide-and-go-seek was to not find the kids.


3 thoughts on “Brexit Haircut

  1. You do not have to be eternally compassionate! Remove scissors and all sharp objects from their unsupervised activities! Steve is probably right! It will grow back, hopefully before Christmas photos…. Xxxxx

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