Steve’s First Rodeo (and George’s and Della’s)

Does your state have a state holiday? Mine does. It’s called Pioneer Day, or “Pie and Beer Day,” depending on who/what you worship. Pioneer Day is prefaced by a week of rodeos and good old-fashioned patriotic fun.

I thought all of the riding and bucking was very sexy. Steve was unfortunately distracted by the realization that he had in fact, most definitely, moved to a very red state.


Meanwhile, Bappa was as happy as an 11-year-old.


There was an off-color Hillary Clinton joke that we just could not abide. And George kept saying, as they roped and wrestled the calves, “Dey not being nice to dat cow. Poor cow!”

But still, very sexy, in a rough sort of way.

Pinky Pet

Della found this potato bug/roly poly and said it was her pet, and she was going to call it Pinky, and this croc was going to be its home, and the holes in the croc were going to be the doors of the home, and she placed this croc securely in the cup holder of her car seat and then said, “Mommy! My pet it gone! Pinky is gone, mommy!”


Steve’s Hats

Steve and Reza launched their Kickstarter campaign yesterday! Their company is called Break North, and they say they make cool hats for grown-ups, but look: 


We were very, very impressed with Della, who wore her Break North shirt to school on launch day, and her teacher asked her what her shirt said, and Della said, “Break North. It’s my dad’s company,” which caused her teacher to look up the brand online and watch the video.

They may not clean up after themselves or use cutlery, but they know how to move product.