Sacramento Is Getting Very Hip

We think it started happening around 2011. Look at this wall of spray cans in a bike shop/art gallery.


You can paint your own bike on site with popsicle designs, etc.


Look at this apocalyptic landscape.


We walked up river and floated down. Here we are catching air in a bag and then pushing the air into our rafts for quick and easy inflation. 


Paul has a new girlfriend, unpictured. She is very attractive and congenial.


It’s such a shame the kids couldn’t make it. Also Steve couldn’t make it. It was just me hanging out like a free woman for five days, which as you can imagine was extremely boring and unrewarding and made me miss all the hallmarks of domesticity. 

Meanwhile, Steve was having a blast caring for our well-behaved children.


And Bappa was out on his dirt bike.


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