Toys, Lies, and Labor Day Weekend


These are George’s two favorite toys: The Hooker and My Horse’s Leash. Both are used for grabbing and pulling and controlling things. If you join us for dinner, you might be lucky enough to have your chaired pulled out by The Hooker. 


My Horse’s Leash is used to drag around this homely fellow. George has been cutting his hair to the point of balding because its mane and tail, he claims, are “too tangly.” If George were a doctor, he would fix you up and then just keep cutting.


This is George’s Doggy Guitar. He got it in exchange for his pacifier, which we threw away at Target. When he’s tired he screams, “I DON’T WANT MY GUITAR!”



George calls his pacifier his Wee Wee. We used to tell him that the Pied Piper of Wee would steal his Wee Wee and put it in a Lock Box if he used it outside of sleep time. We also tell him that if he misbehaves a very boring man named Dr. Green Thumb will babysit him and feed him only green vegetables.


This isn’t exactly a lie, but Della looks like a Snow Monkey.


Also a Hakken-Krak.





We had a bit of a psychedelic slip ‘n slide party.


We got a good end-of-season deal on some paddle boards.


We hiked from the gondola to the top of Strawberry.


Hope your LDW was rockin’.


One thought on “Toys, Lies, and Labor Day Weekend

  1. With every incoming Squinks I get closer to moving out to Utah with you!! Especially after reading what is happening elsewhere! The kids look terrific….and the parents too!! Lots of hugs to all of you!

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