Mostly Pics of Landscapes & Grown-ups

It’s getting ridiculous, all these vistas. But you already know what George and Della look like, right? I will try to show some self-restraint with all the scenery documentation. Starting soon. For now, here are some more mountain views and selfies of myself and Steve. As a compromise, I will also throw in some infos about the kids.


George was in the kitchen begging us for some “Nebraska cheese.” We were like, what. Della finally clarified, “American cheese, George.” 


Della was in the bath with George, and she said. “I have a ‘gina, and you have a penis. See? This is my ‘gina. It’s like a little penis. It’s kind of cute, isn’t it?”


Della and George watch a lot of TV, but they never see ads because everything is on Netflix and what-have-you. The other night they watched The Simpsons on network television, and Della was taking the commercials really seriously. She pointed at the TV and said, with puzzlement and concern, “That woman on TV said something about October, and then she said there’s something we can not miss. What is it?” I told her we don’t always have to do what TV tells us to do. She said, “Okay. Not always. But this thing, I really want to do.” And then she saw a pizza commercial and said, “Mom! That pizza on TV looks really delicious and really good. I want some of that pizza.


Della and George both wore star shirts to school, and someone asked if they were twins. Now, this person was a 6-year-old girl, but still. 


George says he has five magic biting horses that can fly. 


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