Mary Poopins

George’s version: Mary Poopins and Mary Peeins were friends. Mary Poopins pooped on Mommy’s head. And then Mary Peeins peed on Della’s head like a squirting water bottle. Then Mary Poop Buttins pooped butts on Della’s head.
Della’s version: Once upon a time there was a little boy named Mary Poopins. And one night he said, “Hey Georgie, can I poop on your head?” And George said yes.

Hectic Lifestyle


George is studying to be Mike Droubay. There is so much to learn.



Della was finally convinced to put ketchup on her grilled cheese and she loved it. These are the priceless life lessons that only come from multigenerational living.


Nicki’s Aunt Carol included us on her snowboarding tour of Utah. 


She built this incredible sculpture made of ponies and a bathrobe tie.


Due to the insane amounts of snowfall we’ve been getting this year, skiing is becoming an increasingly demanding job for all members of our family.


Also weighing on us: the public outcry for more frosty nature pics.

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Speaking of demanding jobs: Imagine what it must be like to be these guys.



It isn’t easy being a mouse that can read. IMG_8227

Or a cowboy.

FullSizeRender (8)

Imagine if you had to build forts all the time.





Rock Stars and Barn Owls

Bappa has been campaigning to get us to listen to the owls in our yard. So yesterday in the hot tub, George perked up when he heard some hooting. We spotted one in a nearby tree.

George: You’re safe here, owl. I love you.

Me: Do you know that sometimes I think maybe Nanny Rosie is an animal? Like maybe she turned into an animal — a bird or a deer.

Della (wide-eyed, quietly): Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because heaven is in the sky, and animals are in the sky. Do you know how God made animals? Dying people! Nanny Rosie is an animal. She’s a bird. She’s an owl! She’s that owl that came to visit us. Do you know I speak owl? She told me she’s glad to see us living in her house. And if we ever need to find her, she’ll be in the barn.

George: Do bats live in the barn?

Della: Bats are nocturnal, Georgie. And yes, they do.

In other news, this is how George and Della looked on their way to school this morning.