Rock Stars and Barn Owls

Bappa has been campaigning to get us to listen to the owls in our yard. So yesterday in the hot tub, George perked up when he heard some hooting. We spotted one in a nearby tree.

George: You’re safe here, owl. I love you.

Me: Do you know that sometimes I think maybe Nanny Rosie is an animal? Like maybe she turned into an animal — a bird or a deer.

Della (wide-eyed, quietly): Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because heaven is in the sky, and animals are in the sky. Do you know how God made animals? Dying people! Nanny Rosie is an animal. She’s a bird. She’s an owl! She’s that owl that came to visit us. Do you know I speak owl? She told me she’s glad to see us living in her house. And if we ever need to find her, she’ll be in the barn.

George: Do bats live in the barn?

Della: Bats are nocturnal, Georgie. And yes, they do.

In other news, this is how George and Della looked on their way to school this morning.


8 thoughts on “Rock Stars and Barn Owls

    • So we were looking at my mom’s photo book yesterday (her birthday), and Della asked if she could add something. She wants me to write in the book on her behalf: She was beautiful and everyone liked her garden so much. She was like a magical princess. She was better than a sweet bird in the garden. She was a great mom to my mom. I love you.

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