Collections, Propensities, and Raw Enthusiasms


Della saw a house across the street from the restaurant where they were eating and said, If we lived there, we could come here all the time!!

George used to be into carabiners and guitar picks, but now he is into bald eagles, plastic bugs, and a long metal watering attachment that goes on the end of the hose. His passions are like a river you can never step twice into. Do not ask George, What’s your stuffed animal/imaginary friend/little toy’s name? He is not creative at naming things, and he is not interested in names. Do not ask George about his dreams; he doesn’t have any. Except one about a bald eagle that tries to scratch everybody. Do not read George a sad story about a kid who gets lost or has no parents; he will cry. Do not open his door for him or cut off the end of his Otter Pop; he wants to do it himself. Go ahead and laugh at George; no f***s given. He has questions for you, and you better have answers. Do not move something or get something new and not expect him to notice. Do not give George a Sharpie, but he is good with scissors. He is fearless and tireless. Remember that his tenacity will one day serve him well. Do not put him to bed early; he runs on food and gusto, not sleep. Do not give into him, even once. He will own you.


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Della is trying to stop sucking her thumb. She has a pink Lycra thumb guard that she is so not ashamed of. She is a self-soother. She gives a lot of love and needs a lot in return. She is afraid of moonrats. Do not even say the word “moonrat.” She still loves Aroo, and she also loves Miss Kitty. Della’s bed is like a sanctuary city for outdoor cats. She dances while she skis and sings while she cleans. Do not expect her to remember what you asked her to do. Do not pressure her with milestones. Do not brush her hair. Just embrace her pure, irrepressible enthusiasm for everything from Lunchables to pop ballads. Give her a break when she crumples into a puddle. Do not be surprised when she falls asleep before dinner three nights out of seven. Remember that she hardly moved in utero. Do not laugh at her. She admits that she is not yet good at writing S’s, and she is matter-of-fact about George being the better skier. I admire her for still liking skiing and the letter S and her brother. She will get excited about anything that excites you. She will unconditionally love you.

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