Della the Dancer

Della tore it up at her first song-and-dance recital last night! I was very impressed and proud, and also very hysterical trying to get her ready and down to Layton on time.

(Notice George’s head on the floor near the middle right of the photo.)


Della was nervous about going on stage until I told her she was required to wear make-up. Then she was very excited! I was very nervous about successfully executing a “high bun on the left side.” Somehow I (sort of) pulled it off (after many tries). Then Della got nervous again when we got in the car, and again when we got to the high school where the performance would take place. 

But when it was all over, she said she didn’t feel nervous at all! She said being on stage made her feel happy, and she wants to do it again.


This is the post-show celebratory Della, hair loose and make-up smeared. Looking, as a friend put it, like she’d gotten into the mini bar. 


2 thoughts on “Della the Dancer

  1. I love following your blog. I don’t often comment but reading about your life always brings a smile to my face. Enjoy your holidays.

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