There Is So Much to Say

Della: He sees you all the time, Georgie.
George: How?
Della: He sees you when you’re sleeping, when you’re awake…
George: How, Della?
Della: He’s magical.
George: He can’t see us.
Della: Yes he can.

George: Where is he?
Della: The North Pole. It’s so close to the South Pole. We live in the South Pole.


Della: Mom, I’m a very interesting girl. I’m interested about a lot of stuff. I’m also a very caring girl.


Bappa thinks it’s interesting that George is usually naked, but then he swims fully clothed.

FullSizeRender 17

George is super into crystals right now.


IMG_1965 2

Me: Keep your eyes peeled so you can see all the paintings around here.
George: We have to peel our eyes??
Me: It just means keep your eyes open.
Della: I know the insploration, I just don’t like it.


George: Are there circle TVs?


Della: We never really talk about cheeks anymore.IMG_2758

Della: I need my camera so I can take a picture of the rash on my bottom.


Della (looking at the colors last fall): This whole entire place looks like vitamins!


I volunteered in George’s class awhile back…I brought in owl pellets and we dissected them. George keeps asking me to volunteer again.

Me: Okay, but what are we going to do this time? 
George: How about dead foxes.
Me: Oh great.
George: We could fight with their bones.



Bappa Report

Some of you may have heard that Bappa got bucked off his horse! I will spare you the details except to say it was reportedly “spectacular,” and he seems to be making a full recovery. The doctor today told him to resume having fun.


Father’s Day

Steve is a good father! He is sensitive to his kids’ emotional needs. He cooks dinner every single night. He takes care of Della’s Tamagotchi pet. He doesn’t put up with lax tooth brushing. 


On Father’s Day, he is cool with just wearing swimsuits and sitting in the weeds.8A5015D0-F4D4-4DB7-8CD4-50E58855E7DA-2

He is building this playhouse:

IMG_2750FullSizeRender 18FullSizeRender 19

He took the kids to Virginia, to this Burning Man exhibit at the Renwick, while I lazed it up at a writing **retreat** in luxurious Park City. 


He is tolerant of all forms of silliness, self-expression, and diversion from norms.


Luckiness abounds! We are so happy he is ours.