Hedgehog Day

Della: Today is America’s birthday!
Me: When you were little there was a rumor going around the Butterfly House that the Fourth of July was Santa’s birthday.
George: But Santa doesn’t have a birthday.
Me: Right. I guess.
George: Do animals have birthdays?
Me: Yes.
George: I know when a hedgehog’s birthday is. When is that? What is it called? Hedgehog Day? Or is it Thanksgiving?
Della: It’s Groundhog Day!
George: Oh yeah.

Shoulder Season: It’s Finally Over

Steve: The trick to feeling like you’re on vacation is staying in your bathing suit through lunch.

It’s been a long cold spring-and-early-summer.

But we are finally getting out there.

We went to the “rodeo” on Friday night.

George tried his bike on this trail in the pasture.

I found them like this.

They fell asleep on me.