We just got back from camp!

Ohana is a family camp in Vermont.

Look at all the fine crafts we made.

There were 16 of us working on this stuff.

Here is Linda, completely loaded down with crafts.

Here are Della and Annie, making baskets at the waterfront.

Linda made a mega basket.

Della and Annie often wore matching outfits, making it difficult for people to tell them apart.

These gnomes also dressed alike.

The boys were super into building gnome homes.

The girls built this one.

Nell made a puppet! Or at least supervised the making of one.

Steve helped George make the puppet that Annie is holding. Its name is Pig Newton.

Linda taught card playing.

This is what Linda made in her Quilling class.

I think Conn made this in Copper Enameling.

Conn also made this candle using a water balloon.

This is Della’s candle!

Annie made two container candles. Cheryl on the left was very patient with all of us.

Lizzie got really into felting, and Scott made a knife in woodshop. I’m sorry I don’t have a better picture of the knife handle. In pottery class, Brit made little hearts for all the ladies in the family.

Also in woodshop, Brit made a sword, Hugh made a magic wand. Someone made a slotted spoon.

Steve and George tie-dyed shirts.

One day George was supposed to go to Archery Basics, but he didn’t feel like it so we did an independent slug hunt.

We learned where to find slugs and salamanders on a bug hunt the day before with the wee ones.

George, Della, and Annie tried rock climbing, but I only have these pictures of George for now.

Scott had a birthday! I’m not sure how old he is.

Hill rolling.

Water fronting.

Steve learned to sail.

We walked up the trail.

We played with this really cool frisbee.

Steve played Gaelic soccer.

Painted some shells.

Blew some bubbles.

Also this.

Conn gathered moss.

Water rockets.

Happy hour.


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