Glossary of Terms

Lella: Della

bye bye: bag

Ama: Grandma Linda

yum yums: food

munny: bunny

woof woof: dog

foow foow: dog

wah wah: water

fooh fooh wah wah: sippy cup that looks like a dog

shakey: rattle, salt, container with stuff in it

aroo: elephant

happy choo choo: happy birthday to you

happy choo choo: cupcake

Jacques milk: chocolate milk

owl: owie

f***: fork, frog

Gus: Grandad Conn

Bappa: Grandpa Mike

Nanny: Grandma Rosie

nana: banana

coopie: cookie

nose: snow

nosing: snowing

Doh-dgie: Georgie

baba: bottle

Gasca: Madagascar 3

phone: camera

monkey george: curious george

mermaid daddy: little mermaid

hold you: hold me

sit on my lap: I want to sit on your lap

bicycle: popsicle

mies: mine

Meega-Meega: America

my squitoes: mosquitoes

muh-lucky: Miss Alexis

my parents: Mister Terrence

up: down

in: out

off: on

Winnie in the Pooh: Winnie the Pooh

my sister: Annie

paw-corns: popcorn

thankum: thank you/you’re welcome

Robin and Lola: Rob and Laura

Pretzel/My Punzel: Rapunzel

ArooDuckie: Elephant and duck friends

Dinosaur: Rhinoceros

Peoples: Grown-ups

Brain: Braid, head, hair

dother one: The other, another (I want dother one movie/treat)

chicken noodle soup pie: chicken pot pie

Peter Man: Peter Pan

green French fries: freeze dried sugar snap peas

Old McDonald’s: McDonald’s

Okey Dokey: Pinnochio

last day: yesterday

born baby: newborn baby

sleep through the whole patch: sleep through the night without getting into mom and dad’s bed

Super High: Jake and the Neverland Pirates

googly: ugly (e.g., googly stepsisters, googly duckling)

put an eye on it for me: keep an eye on it for me

Sad Meal: kids’ meal at Wendy’s

snake vagina: snake charmer

mycycle: tricycle

pop up: be born

steaksies: mistakes

interrupted: interested

Chit-Chat: Kit-Kat

Taylor Switch: Taylor Swift

ascared: afraid

sunscream: sunscreen

hiccup music: hip-hop music

scallop: scalp

Hen: Ken

Coca-Loca: Coca-Cola

salami: tsunami

Five Men: Five Guys

Bop: Bappa

trumpident: president

Peter Potter: Harry Potter

for real life: for real

owl house: outhouse

chewbacca: kombucha




Kiki: Kitty/stuffed dog

wee wee: pacifier

Mama/Gamma/Gammy: Grandma

Gandad: Granddad

Dodie: Georgie

myloon: balloon

hawsie: horse

macky cheesie: macaroni and cheese

Bad Bad Wolf: Big Bad Wolf

Kitty-Kat: Kit-Kat

yellies: jelly shoes

yammies: jammies

yagon: dragon

yacket: jacket

yagon yacket: dragon jacket

yammie yacket: jammie jacket

yerman yagon: German dragon

yesses: dresses

cornado: tornado

yipper: zipper

yelly beans: jelly beans

paper toilet: toilet paper

punch fruit: fruit punch

cary: scary

wolveses: wolves

growm-ups: grown-ups

kermit markers: permanent markers

peep: pee

piking cone: pine cone

pitching fork: pitch fork

website: campsite

flunder: thunder

The Goon: Lagoon

Balympics: Olympics

mow lawners: lawn mowers

TJ Maxx: PJ Masks

sharpie things: whiskers

The Parents Review: The Paris Review

floor hair: carpet

fur: carpet

ski walkers: ski polls

The Lexecutor: a hand mixer used for turning people into horses

air blow: blow dart

cheek butt: butt cheek

headfore: forehead

syr-wrench: wrench

ceratops: triceratops

tusk: bone

robert: robber

hot billy goat: pot belly pig

the thing that I break apart: VCR

Checkers: Chex

pasturn: pasture


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