Christmas Card Outtakes

Months ago, before George was born, I imagined I could stage an elaborate Christmas card photo featuring Santa Della and her naked, elfin brother. I bought a toddler Santa suit and a newborn elf hat from Etsy and supposed we could get them to pose for the camera in a charming way, maybe in the woods. Shortly before George was born it occurred to me that I wouldn’t necessarily want to take my naked baby into the woods in November. Shortly after George was born I realized I would never on purpose get a good photo of these two together, ever. Or at least not in the near future. So we decided to go with a candid, un-costumed photo for our card. Here are some of the shots from our two unsuccessful shoots.


Della offered to rub her dirty duckie wing under George’s nose to make him feel better. 


Want some? Gross.


George cries a lot, and Della is aggressive.


This one’s not so bad, but it’s like, what is going on here?


In another, earlier shoot, it was intended that George would be curled up and sleeping peacefully, like newborns sometimes are.


This was just sad. I’m sorry I had this idea.



I told Steve we aren’t as bad off as those guys sailing 5,000 miles on a balsa wood raft in the movie Kon-Tiki. He found that questionable. “They’re living a dream. That guy has a guitar.”

Complaining about or even just documenting the difficulties of new parenthood is uncool. It’s not like documenting a trip across the Pacific guided only by sextants and stars. Sleepless nights, rocking and walking, shushing, exhaustion — you can’t even look forward to bragging about surviving a difficult baby. It’s not like running a marathon or going on a juice cleanse.

photo (5)

Della just got back from the soft playroom. Steve said she wanted to play night night under the soft blocks and suck her thumb in the ball pit. We are all tired.


Goings On

Report: At his two-week appointment, George weighed in at 9 lbs 1.6 oz, up a good pound and a half from his birth weight. Impressively, his head circumference is in the 97th percentile. 


Resourcefully, Della found this rogue nipple to curb her jealousy over the baby getting a bottle. She wears this hat when she’s ready to run away. Bye! she says, hat on her head and Easter basket over her shoulder.


Here’s Della kissing George in the baby tent we made.


George is doing tummy time, but Della thinks he’s playing night night. See how she uses a burp cloth for a blankie?



No play acting here. Just a couple of siblings sleeping side by side.


More sleep photography.