Local News

A lot happening in the lives of the little people!

New this week, Gorgeous George is eating food, he grew a tooth, and he is sleep trained. Is he sleeping through the night? I don’t know if he is, but I am. At parent-teacher conference on Thursday, it was said that he is showing signs of progress in his social, emotional, and physical development. “And you know what, Johanna, actually: he is a good boy.” 


We also got a report on Della. They say she is transitioning well to the 2-year-old class. She is meeting lots of milestones, but got nicked on the following: drawing faces and horizontal lines, hopping on one foot, knowing her last name and gender, and a few other equally useless skills. 


Also in the news: Della got a bike seat! On her first ride, she was heard taunting the pedestrian children, “Hi, kids!” and, down the hill, yelling, “Go, Daddy, go!”

photo (17)

George, Man of Accomplishment

George Report: He is almost 16 pounds, and this morning he napped in his crib. His sleep is significantly improved, and he is tolerating tummy time. He sort of rolled from tummy to back a couple of times. He is saying words like “Wow!” and “Oh!”

Needs Improvement: He takes about a hundred years to put to sleep. He is right now pooping on me.


St. George, Precious Angel

St. George slept for 8.5 consecutive hours last night! I woke up at hour six and ate cereal, drank tea, read a book, and took a shower. Trying not to get my hopes up for tonight. J/K! Hopes are way up!

I would like to thank George’s craniosacral therapist, miracle worker and magic healer.


Cute/Not Sleepy

Here is George positioned next to Della’s medical supplies. Last night he was awake for all of the hours except 4 and 7. Another growth spurt, George? I’m not sure that’s necessary. We visited 11-pound, 2.5-month-old Beatrice at the Natural History Museum yesterday, confirming George’s 15-pound hugeness. Della asked to wear one of George’s diapers the other day and she fit into it nicely. 





George Update

Here are some pictures of George so you can seen how he’s doing. 


One thing is that he has a tight neck on one side. Here we have raised his bed on a pile of Vice magazines to try to correct the problem. GNeck

George even has his own therapist for his neck and general fretfulness. He is getting more happy and relaxed for the most part. GPlayMat

He does smile, but it’s hard to capture. Here is an almost grin.Gsmile

Finally, here is George today, Christmas Eve. He probably just looks like a baby to you, but trust me, he is very awesome. And also very big. Gtree