Recent Thoughts and Christmas Pics

Della (crying): I’m crying because you said I sound like a horse.
Me: No, I said you sound
hoarse. Like you’re losing your voice.

George (at school): Miss Jack, why are you so bossy and strict all the time?
Miss Jack: Because I’m an Anderson. 
Ohhhhh….my mom is an Anderson, and she is the bossiest and the strictest.

George: Della and daddy are best buddies and you and me are best buddies, right?

George: Mom? Does Donald Trump get presents from Santa?

Liz gave my dad cocktail napkins that say, “Good girls with bad habits make the best friends.” This was a message that really resonated with Della. She said earnestly, “I’m a good girl, with bad habits, and I’m a very good friend.” My dad asked her what her bad habits were. She said, “Sucking my thumb, grinding my teeth, licking my lips, and picking my nose and eating it. And farting a lot.”

Berry Festival

George: Mom said I could play video games.
Della: But George! Now you can’t go to the berry festival, and also I hate it when you play video games.
Me: George, go to the fairy festival and then you can play video games.
Della: Not
fairy festival, berry festival.
George: So is it all about bears?
Della: Berries! Berries like you eat! Berries!

Let’s Catch Up

George turned 5.

He got some new boots.

Della started first grade.

She likes Uno and La Croix.

It was Halloween. 

Della was a vampire.

Conn and Linda visited.

Paul and Adam visited.

We are buying a house

that is very familiar to me.

Use your imagination.

It was fall.

And then it was very wintry. 

A miniature horse was born. 

We call it the cuteness.

We got going on Christmas. These are the outtakes.

Let’s See, Let’s See…

Some goings ons around here:

I asked the kids if they wanted to swing on the swing after dinner or go on a pajama walk. They chose pajama walk. Della said, “It reminds us of our childhood.”

George keeps saying, “When I’m 9, if Bappa’s still around, he’s going to get me a kid motorcycle.”


Della: Does Manuel have part of his leg a fake leg?
Me: No.
Della: But part of his leg doesn’t have any hair.
Me: That doesn’t mean it’s fake.

Della (walking into a rest stop in Vermont): I thought this was a college!

Della: This mango chutney tastes like Chewbacca.
Me: [long pause] Do you mean kombucha?
Della: Yeah, kombucha.


Della: I’m going to read these books to them when I’m grown up!
Me: To who?
Della: Well, when I get my kids. But actually I’m only going to get one kid because I don’t want to have my tummy hurt several times. Just one time.
Me: Okay, that makes sense.
Della: Do you think I should have kids?
Me: I think you should decide when you’re grown up.
Della: I think I should because I want someone to be proud of and I want someone to read to. And I don’t want to marry, so if I don’t have kids I won’t have anyone to play with.

Steve is drinking Emergen-C, and George asks what it is. Della says, it’s jubangi. I say, do you mean kombucha? She says yeah.


Della: I’m going to write a book and it’s going to be called Too Much of Mike.
Me: What is that going to be about?
Della: It’s going to be about a boy named Mike, and he does all these nice things. But too much.

Della: My feelings are reading some manuals on how to be even sadder.

Della and George have put on a post-dinner play three nights this week. Della plays an 18-year-old princess named Harouna. George is a 3-year-old farmer named The Red Farmer. Harouna’s mom homeschools her because she doesn’t like the rules at the school. So Harouna is lonely. One day she goes on a walk and meets The Red Farmer. He has no parents, so she offers to bring him home with her to the palace. That night Harouna tucks him into bed and sings, “A friend! I finally have a friend! And yet something is still missing. What I do not know….” It sort of unravels from there, but it’s pretty good overall.

FullSizeRender 33IMG_3155

Family Camp 2018

I wish I had a full-family photo of all 16 of us to start off this post. Waiting on those. BUT in the meantime, it’s time to report: Anderson Family Camp 2018 was a raging success. Let’s kick this thing off in a-chronological order with Scott’s birthday, which we almost skipped over because we all forgot what day it was in Fairlee, Vt., for a week with no cell service or Internet.

IMG_3101 (1)

Okay, backing up, we started in Virginia with a lesson in old-fashioned weaponry. This sword actually belonged to Conn’s father because a sword was a normal thing to have back in the day.


Many of the cousins in the Wessynton pool.


A long drive northward.


Met up with these four fine fellas in Farmington, Conn. 


Paul volunteered to babysit in the backseat for the last leg of our trip. He is at least as good a parent as we are. That’s Della wearing a Moana suit we picked up at the Farmington Walmart.


Arrived at Camp Ohana! Just across the lake from where Grandma Linda spent 10 summers starting at the tender age of 4. Looking for camps that will take George.


All four girl cousins.


Della eating a tomato and waving a walking stick carved by Scott. Over the course of our stay, Scott carved at least 10 walking sticks and a very intimidating serving fork.

IMG_3093 (1)

Mid-morning tea party.

IMG_3056 (1)

Me: Was Hugh teaching you how to play chess?
George: I already know how.
Me: Who taught you?
George: I self-taught myself.


En route to a nature mandala-making session.


Waterfront from 1 to 5. Rain or shine.



Which includes basket-weaving.


Oh hey! Pottery class.



Gnome homes on the forest trail.


And at our cabin.


IMG_3104 (1)IMG_3108 (1)

George noticed Daddy doesn’t snore here. I heard him saying to himself, “Maybe it’s because there’s no Internet.”


George: (digging at his belly button) 
Me: What are you doing?
George: Trying to get this plug out so everything falls out even my goldfish.





Me: What’s your favorite food, Nell?
Nell: Puhnayduh.
Me: What’s puhnayduh?
Nell: My favorite food!

IMG_3079 (1)

Wood witches.



Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Nell: Annie!!


Super sleeper.


No TVs so forced to watch The George Show.



We made a ton of crafts!!!

IMG_3112 (1)


Writing thank-you notes to the “staffs.”

IMG_3114 (2)

Happy 50 years of marriage, Conn and Linda! Would be nice to have a group photo here, but this will have to do.