Hedgehog Day

Della: Today is America’s birthday!
Me: When you were little there was a rumor going around the Butterfly House that the Fourth of July was Santa’s birthday.
George: But Santa doesn’t have a birthday.
Me: Right. I guess.
George: Do animals have birthdays?
Me: Yes.
George: I know when a hedgehog’s birthday is. When is that? What is it called? Hedgehog Day? Or is it Thanksgiving?
Della: It’s Groundhog Day!
George: Oh yeah.

Shoulder Season: It’s Finally Over

Steve: The trick to feeling like you’re on vacation is staying in your bathing suit through lunch.

It’s been a long cold spring-and-early-summer.

But we are finally getting out there.

We went to the “rodeo” on Friday night.

George tried his bike on this trail in the pasture.

I found them like this.

They fell asleep on me.

Pepsi Shortstocking

Today is the last day of first grade.

Della told Steve, “Yesterday everyone went to the kiva and watched Incredibles 2, but I didn’t. I went to my classroom and watched Pepsi Shortstocking.”

“You mean Pippi Longstocking?”