In Celebration of Bappa’s Birthday and Retirement: Our Sun Valley Ski Vacation

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Here is a video of George skiing backwards. Also wearing his coat backwards. 

Here is a video of Della dance skiing.


Reports were coming in that Della and H. were playing Romeo and Juliet in the gym, and planning their wedding, and setting their sights on a castle in (first) Switzerland, then New York, and finally Utah. And maybe just a house, not a castle.

Maybe it was the increasingly realistic scope of their dreams that gave Della a sudden change of heart. Because yesterday, just as quickly as it had begun, their romance was over. Della told H. (in the gym) that she didn’t want to marry him. She said he was a little bit sad, that his feelings were a little bit hurt, but that he was okay. I told her it was okay what she did. She really shouldn’t marry someone just to avoid hurting his feelings.

Then at the dinner table, Della mentioned another boy, we’ll call him J. She said she was too shy to talk about J., but apparently not too shy to describe him in song:

“He’s smart! He’s smart! He’s smart!

He’s interesting. He’s interesting.

He’s taller than me! He’s taller than me!

He has dark haaaaaaaair.

And his muscles are strong!”

She then paused to say she had felt J’s muscles.

At this point, Steve interjected that H., her previous guy, had many fine qualities, including a sense of humor, and that muscles aren’t everything.

Della reiterated, “But his muscles are strong.”

Scant Christmas Documentation

As dictated by Della (with interjections from George).


We still have a lot of Amazon boxes at our house if anyone needs any.


This is a game where you spin the toilet paper roll, and it gives you a number, and you flush the toilet that number of times and randomly you get squirted.


Learning about states.


Renewed hope for Steve’s favorite sports team.


A princess game that largely does not involve strategy.


And some Christmas afternoon skiing with Tim and Teresa.

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Wish we could have joined them for snowmobiling, but we were buried under a large pile of boxes.