“This Is True Stuff.”

Della was upset because Labor Day was coming up and Labor Day is a celebration of workers and she doesn’t work.


Steve: Are you talking to George, Della?

Della: No. I’m talking to everyone. Like I’m on the radio.

Della: Carson said my hair looks beautiful when I run in the wind.


Della: My spirit animal is kitties, lions, cheetahs, elephants, and vultures.

Me: Hmm, why vultures?

Della: Because they eat dead people and like stinky smells.


Della was telling me about having fun with Jackson on the playground. I said, “Oh that’s nice, what were you playing?” She said, “We weren’t playing. We were spending time together.”


Della calls me from the back room. I come running. She says, can you get me water with ice? I sigh and roll my eyes and go get it for her. When I hand it over she says, I love you. I say, oh that’s sweet of you to say. She says, I feel like I’m using you like a servant. I say, yeah kind of. She says, when you made that noise – sigh – it kind of sounded like that. I said, yeah you’re right, you’re very smart.


Della: I feel like the yellow crayon.

Me: What does the yellow crayon feel like?

Della: She worries she’s not perfect.


Della: I’m wrapping stuffed animals in coats. Because I’m going to a wedding. And the person who’s getting married is me.


Della: [Justin Bieber] said something about making mistakes.

Me: Yep, everybody makes them.

Della: And it’s ok. This is true stuff.

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Factual Things George Has Known

George: Dirt can’t hurt you. Only sharp things can hurt you.


According to George, these are the four basic shapes: “arrow, rainbow, key, wine glass.”


Me: Stop touching my breasts.

George: Why?

Me: They’re my private parts.

George: They are not. Do they shoot pee out of them?

Me: No.

George: Then they’re not. Milk is not private.


George: It seems like you’re hiding something from me, Daddy.

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George got the manual out of the Honda and said, I just want to look at this and learn things for when me and Della are teenagers and get our driver’s license.


George: You don’t know when I need to go potty because my penis is not attached to your body.


Della: Zero is the smallest number.

George: Yeah, zero is the baby!


George: But Della, listen to what I am supposing…


First Day of K

Della started kindergarten today!


Not excited at all.

Actually George is the one who is not excited about Della’s big day. He would like to also be going to Kindergarten. But he is excited about riding his bike!


Hoping to harness some of his raw animal energy.

Born on the Fourth of July

Were these baby birds hatched on Independence Day? Maybe!

July 4-13

Here we are celebrating the holiday on the south side of Bear Lake.

July 4-6

Look at how packed up we are for one single night of camping.

July 4-5

Still, it seemed longer.

July 4-12

This was George’s best behaved moment, helping Paul take apart the tent. Happy to help with all your take-apart needs. 

July 4-11

Paul and George on the motorcycle:

July 4-8

Della sporting a classic milk mustache.


Here’s that lake:

July 4-10

Summer is in full swing.

E.g., ditch walks…

July 4-1

….trampoline flips… 


July 4-4