Bappa Report

Some of you may have heard that Bappa got bucked off his horse! I will spare you the details except to say it was reportedly “spectacular,” and he seems to be making a full recovery. The doctor today told him to resume having fun.


Father’s Day

Steve is a good father! He is sensitive to his kids’ emotional needs. He cooks dinner every single night. He takes care of Della’s Tamagotchi pet. He doesn’t put up with lax tooth brushing. 


On Father’s Day, he is cool with just wearing swimsuits and sitting in the weeds.8A5015D0-F4D4-4DB7-8CD4-50E58855E7DA-2

He is building this playhouse:

IMG_2750FullSizeRender 18FullSizeRender 19

He took the kids to Virginia, to this Burning Man exhibit at the Renwick, while I lazed it up at a writing **retreat** in luxurious Park City. 


He is tolerant of all forms of silliness, self-expression, and diversion from norms.


Luckiness abounds! We are so happy he is ours.


Chicks and Messes

D&G were sweeping these petals into piles and then transferring them in boxes to their room where they spread them all over everything including in their dresser drawers. Della said, “I keep getting in trouble but I’m a very good girl so I don’t know why!!”

FullSizeRender 16And this is one of the chicks they “incuvated” in Della’s kindergarten classroom.