Della’s First

Since Della likes to wake up early and be born early, we decided to also celebrate her birthday a little early. Here she is, unsuspecting, just a couple hours before the guests arrived. It was a surprise party because when you’re one everything is a surprise.DSC_0009

People started showing up. Brit was there. He brought his spaceship and promptly removed his shoes and socks. Later he asked if we had a movie about space. Because it’s 2013, we said yes, we have that.


Hugh: also on the scene, and also almost one.


Spinning on the b-box (busy box), Adrian Eid. Skills and interests: walking, light switches, standing on the sit-n-spin.


Paul and Brit et al. helped Della blow out her candle. Of note: Paul requested that Mmmbop by Hansen be added to the YouTube playlist. Brit requested that a candle be added to his own cupcake.


Annie gave Della a doll stroller for her birthday. Babies pushing babies. 

DSC_0206And here’s the sweetie baby herself. It’s been a magical year. If only we’d taken more photos…





One thought on “Della’s First

  1. I too am sorry that you didn’t take more pictures of Darling Della during her first year! And I obviously missed the very best dancing party ever! Love, Aunt Joan

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