Pictures of Health

Oh man, everybody got sick.


But here are some pictures of health:

A ski visit from the SLC Keate kids.


Dinner with Keate kid progenitors Steve (there are two Steves!) and Susan.


Della pretty much has ice skating down. I am still holding on to the wall.


Paul’s 30th birthday!!


The many surprise guests brought many surprise children. Della made fast friends with a girl named Ella and was heartbroken when Ella dumped her for a baby.

DSC_0032Early Christmas at Nanny June’s. 


More total request live.DSC_0068

So handsome it ho-ho-ho-hurts.IMG_4932

IMG_0418 IMG_0427

Barbara. Her last name means free.DSC_0020Thomas. His middle name is Claus.


Symbols of strength and masculinity (pre plague). IMG_4972


Just so you can see the awesome glamour shots in the background.IMG_4970

Moment of Zen.

Bonus Zen.

Snapshots of Snow.

DSC_0392 DSC_0456

Happy New Year from the family that won’t let Christmas go!


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