There Is So Much to Say

Della: He sees you all the time, Georgie.
George: How?
Della: He sees you when you’re sleeping, when you’re awake…
George: How, Della?
Della: He’s magical.
George: He can’t see us.
Della: Yes he can.

George: Where is he?
Della: The North Pole. It’s so close to the South Pole. We live in the South Pole.


Della: Mom, I’m a very interesting girl. I’m interested about a lot of stuff. I’m also a very caring girl.


Bappa thinks it’s interesting that George is usually naked, but then he swims fully clothed.

FullSizeRender 17

George is super into crystals right now.


IMG_1965 2

Me: Keep your eyes peeled so you can see all the paintings around here.
George: We have to peel our eyes??
Me: It just means keep your eyes open.
Della: I know the insploration, I just don’t like it.


George: Are there circle TVs?


Della: We never really talk about cheeks anymore.IMG_2758

Della: I need my camera so I can take a picture of the rash on my bottom.


Della (looking at the colors last fall): This whole entire place looks like vitamins!


I volunteered in George’s class awhile back…I brought in owl pellets and we dissected them. George keeps asking me to volunteer again.

Me: Okay, but what are we going to do this time? 
George: How about dead foxes.
Me: Oh great.
George: We could fight with their bones.



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