Let’s Catch Up

George turned 5.

He got some new boots.

Della started first grade.

She likes Uno and La Croix.

It was Halloween. 

Della was a vampire.

Conn and Linda visited.

Paul and Adam visited.

We are buying a house

that is very familiar to me.

Use your imagination.

It was fall.

And then it was very wintry. 

A miniature horse was born. 

We call it the cuteness.

We got going on Christmas. These are the outtakes.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up

  1. Wow, your house looks awesome. Tons of work but it will be awesome. Kids are adorable and you guys look great as well. Have a great holiday season. Not sure that I will get a card together… Seems like a habit now! Hugs

  2. I cannot believe how grown up Dellla and George are! And yet you and Steve look just the same! I miss seeing all of you! Have a super Christmas!! Much love, joan

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