Della, Congested

Boy, there has been a lot of pollen blowing around the DC metro area. It’s raining now, but not soon enough. Della is all stuffed up: so much for STTN.* Here she is, talking to an octopus.

Grandma Linda babysat last night while Della’s parents went to Old Town for dinner. Octopus wasn’t on the menu, but they did sample other fruits of the sea and also waterfowl. 

Earlier that same day, Steve bottled some of his own beer. Which, his friend Rihana says, is right on time for a thirty-something who just bought a house and had a baby in 2012.

While Steve was bottling alcohol, I was learning to save lives at an infant CPR training in the District of Columbia with Megan and Adrian. Very sadly, we forgot to take any pictures. So here’s a picture of Della that transcends understanding (courtesy of Grampa Mike [who thought I was taking a class in “Infancy PR”]):

*STTN = Sleeping Through The Night


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