Fond Farewell to Camp Anderson

One more post from Senior Camp Counselor Linda:

Final day at camp for camper Della. This was another activity-fun-filled day! Della arrived ready to tackle some new skills. She has moved beyond Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ba Ba Black Sheep, & the ABC song to learning to play a balalaika. Her small fingers were perfect playing the cords on a piece she composed herself! Very very impressive.

Della then moved on to flower arranging. However, she had to be discouraged from eating the flowers.

We were very lucky to have counselor Ginny stop by to help out. Della practiced her welcoming and hostess skills while Ginny was here. They had a good time exploring all the toys.

After a careful review of Della’s performance, we are delighted to extend an invitation to have her join us again next year.  We are considering adding wood working, weeding and house painting to our offerings for campers.

Here is Della’s report card:
Deportment: Superior
Attitude: Superior
Kindness: Superior
Singing: Perfect Pitch
Dancing: Twinkle Toes
Cuteness & Sweetness: Once again, over the top

Best Wishes!

After a long three days at camp, Della is all tuckered out.


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